Coping with COVID-19

Suddenly Australians are facing a crisis unlike any other we’ve experienced. 

Parts of Australia are seeing rapid growth of people diagnosed with COVID-19, albeit off low base numbers.

New coaching program improves student grades

Students progressing towards their HSC or making the transition to university are often provided with study skills coaching programs in the hope of increasing their grades. However, these programs have tended to only produce…


Raising self-esteem: More harm than good?

Psychology has had a long love affair with the idea of self-esteem – the concept that our self-worth is bound up in perceiving ourselves as being good at things that matter to us.

Making new year’s resolutions count

New year’s resolutions can be so seductive. I’m always lured into them. They offer an inspiring and hopeful start to the year. Get fit. Tick. Spend more time with the kids. Tick. Read more books. Yep, check that off too. Yet they’re often all …

Surviving the HSC

The High School Certificate exams commence in a little over two months. Here are 15 survival tips. Get enough sleep – at least 9 hours. To promote sleep, turn lights out 30 minutes prior, stick to a sleep routine Monday…

Lack of investment in mental health care: A strain on lives and the economy

Australia’s mental health system is in a neglected and dire state. Inadequate leadership and funding by successive governments is leading to the unnecessary deaths of thousands of Australians. The suicide rate is at a near 10…