The effort effect

group of children pulling brown rope

Your child races over to you with a huge smile on their face bursting to tell you about their recent success. Filled with feelings of delight and relief, you naturally find yourself showering your child with praise – “well done”, “you’re so smart”, “you’re a clever girl”, “you aced it”, “wow first place”, and so […]

Surviving the HSC

grayscale photo of people sitting on chair

The High School Certificate exams commence in a little over two months. Here are 15 survival tips. Get enough sleep – at least 9 hours. To promote sleep, turn lights out 30 minutes prior, stick to a sleep routine Monday through Thursday, and don’t use technology in your room – especially your bed. It’s important […]

New coaching program improves student grades

Students progressing towards their HSC or making the transition to university are often provided with study skills coaching programs in the hope of increasing their grades. However, these programs have tended to only produce modest results.  In addition to acquiring more effective study skills, students also need to learn how to motivate themselves and cope […]